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  1. Baby Showers !

    To celebrate a new baby's arrival more people are now organising a baby shower, this can be planned for a couple of weeks before the birth.

    This craze originated in the USA and is now very popular within the UK !

    Themed baby showers are a great way for friends, colleagues and family members to get together with the new mum to be and celebrate the impending birth.

    Most celebrities now have a baby shower including Kim Kardashian, Helen Flannigan and Gwen Stefani to name a few.

    The centrepiece at the baby shower is usually a nappy cake or diaper cake designed with a colour scheme or theme this is usually in a neutral colour if the gender is unknown or if known it's Pink or Blue !

    "What will it Bee" is now the up and coming theme for a baby shower and is hosted by the new mum to be to keep everyone guessing the gender of the new baby.




  2. Often seen at a baby shower or bought for a gift for a new mum and dad, however it's not a cake you would enjoy eating.

    Made from nappies to resemble a tiered "cake" like a wedding cake, but made entirely from nappies and decorated with items like a lovely soft baby blanket, bibs, baby socks, soft toys.

    Originally from the USA and presented at the baby shower the diaper cake was usually very elaborate over there and very popular.

    Now becoming popular over in the UK our nappy cakes are usually bought for a new baby gift, everything is usable and makes a lovely gift for a new mum and dad.

    Nappy cake